Sendero Provisions Co Bandana - Charros & Aliens


Sendero Provisions Co Bandana - Charros & Aliens

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Size:One Size
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Sendero Provisions Co Bandana - Charros & Aliens

One Size / Navy

Working Title

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Think it was June – round ‘47? – down near Eagle Pass… Ya know that good ol' cowboy, James VanDerHorn? Well he says he got woke up by a strange sound he couldn’t pin. Ol’ son jumped out of bed, threw on his duds, and dashed out to the front porch, only to find a bright light hoverin' above the barn. James was plum puzzled as a possum in a pear tree, so next he hurried to the barn. Aimin' to save his livestock, ya see. Before he knew it, he's bein' yanked towards that glowin' thing, his horse’s gettin' pulled along with him too, and he’s thinkin’ this is the end of it all. Just as he was gettin' closer to that light, he started feelin' light-headed' and, next thing ya know, he’s out cold.