Working Title Norwich


Established in January 2016 Working Title (with the help of business start-up group NWES) was ready to hit Norwich City with a bang. 

'It all started with a trip to Barcelona. The high street (while acceptable) never really hit a fashion chord with me. Everything just looked the same, something which can be felt in every main shopping location. While walking around the older part of the city I came across an eccentric clothes shop just selling artist designed tees and I loved the idea . On the plane ride home I decided that I needed to take a leap into something big and completely different and felt that Norwich needed that too. The shop name 'Working Title' and our tee collection designed by local artists 'Each To Their Own' was then born. It also become apparent that a shop with just t-shirts wasn't going to be popular all year round; so it gave me the opportunity to add the brands I've loved for many years and find new ones to bring pieces which you couldn't easily source’.

Stag Beetle ArtWorking Title Interior

It wasn't until April 2016 that Working Title finally opened its doors. 

'Literally once the start up loan was agreed, after months of business plan talk, research, figures, sales forecasts and visiting many a trading show including 'Jacket Required' (Shoreditch) meeting brands and deciding if they were right for the store and choosing our first ever pieces. We were ready. It was incredibly hard work and a moment of high anxiety. Once the shop opened its door I felt relief but thats when I knew the real work was going to begin’.

Ducktail Raincoats

Firstly hitting the local paper 'EDP' and magazine 'Norwich Resident', Working Title soon hit such fashion outlets as 'Drapers Online' & 'Time Out London'.

'We were the first business in Norwich to mix Locally Roasted Coffee with Clothing in such a way. A lot of the visitors were taken a back but the concept has been in Europe, London and Australia for many years. Sadly after nearly a year it just wasn't viable for us to lose so much space instore to just coffee (we are a relatively small shop after all) we decided to stick at the clothing. It was rather sad at first and lately the concept in Norwich has hit barbers quite a lot. Somethings just work, some don't but my future plan is to bring it back and become more of a 'go to' store’.

Attire Care , Realm & Empire , Dads Cap, I Love Ugly , Bellerose.

Working Title hit its stride by Christmas 2016 and superb opportunities have arisen with Norwich Fashion Week

'Fashion changes a lot. I knew Streetwear in Norwich played a huge part of under 25's shopping habits but I wanted to remain true to myself. Dover Street Market, Stussy, Comme De Garcons and many other brands have been mentioned numurous times but my goal was to always bring the freshest brands first before they become an overnight sensation. Our current and future brands often have pieces with the fits of Streetwear but can be worn by most. I wanted a shop with choice and not to be pigeon holed into one genre of clothing or age group. As a business its tough work but if I stick true to myself I think I'm winning. 'Working Title' sums up this, become your own Title and don't follow everyone else. Im always on the look out for new brands and being an independent is incredibly difficult as your trying to please so many people. Brands leaving us or me deciding not to stock them anymore is always a difficult choice but just happens and its definitely made me even more thick-skinned, its a pretty cut throat industry’.

2019 and beyond..

With huge support from tv personalities, band members and of course my regular and new customers online and Instore in Norwich. In January 2019, Working Title opened its brand new bigger store at 6 Bridewell Alley, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 1AQ.

 Martin Turner. Working Title Owner/Director.Lifestyle Goods Norwich

Special thanks to 'Cosmo Rush Studios' who supplied the photos.

Instagram: cosmorushstudios