Brand Focus - Kings Of Indigo

Brand Focus - Kings Of Indigo

I talk about the sustainable denim brand turning heads in Norwich and the world!
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Kings Of Indigo Logo / Norwich Working Title


When Tony Tonnaer founded the Kings of Indigo company in 2011 the fashion world as a whole was at the incredible early stages of sustainability and use of organic fabrics.  Thankfully come 2019 (and with the brains and push for sustainability by such brands as KOI) this has changed dramatically for the better.

Kings of Indigo positions itself as a pioneer in this ever-changing sustainable fashion world, innovating with materials and sustainable production methods, constantly exploring how to reduce the impact on the planet and people; every garment made with a conscious.


Kings Of Indigo - Working Title Norwich

Just one of the many stages to create the perfect Kings Of Indigo piece (Photo belongs to Kings Of Indigo)

Since 2013 KOI has maintained its position as a sustainable brand, officially. In 2017, 90% of its production took place at monitored locations and 90% were even audited by the Fair Wear Foundation. One factory location being in Soliman, Tunisa where 41% of total production is made with its 80 employees; making jeans, denim jackets and shirts..which is no small feat! Loads more information from stitching, dying and finishing can be found at  


Kings Of Indigo Till Jacket - Working Title Norwich

The Till - A perfect western inspired denim jacket in fit and colouration but with the added legendary embroidery by Kings Of Indigo. £115.

 With quality denims inspired by American classics and a Japanese eye for detail..the lifetime trend of workwear with the hint of the orient makes for quite the collections; from embroidered koi carps, cords, selvedge denims and western jackets with the iconic 'cowboy riding a koi carp' logo embroidered on the back (and selling like hot cakes, we must add) cant help but fall in love with KOI's serious, yet tongue in cheek answer to a fashion staple.

With perfect fit jeans in many styles..we've chosen the 'stay black' and rinsed denim options with mid rise fits, which works with many men wardrobe and desired fit and remember..if you need to clean your denim you cant go wrong with our AttireCare Denim wash..even for your Edwins!

With a bright future ahead and some s/s shirts for SS20 which wont fail to catch the eye! Join the sustainability fashion collective and get some KOI in your wardrobe!