Brand Focus - Iron & Resin

Brand Focus - Iron & Resin

All about the brand: Iron and Resin
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Iron and Resin is a Californian-based lifestyle brand that specializes in designing and producing high-quality clothing apparel, accessories, and motorcycle gear. The brand was founded in 2012 by Tom Little and Matt Jacobson, who share a common passion for adventure and storytelling.

The company crafts its products with a strong emphasis on durability, functionality, and style. From jackets, shirts, and pants to hats, backpacks, and wallets, Iron and Resin has something for everyone looking for something that is high-quality and stylish.

The brand's clothing pieces are often inspired by the rugged, sun-baked terrain of California, where the company's founders roam on their motorcycles. Hence, the pieces incorporate classic Americana and vintage motorcycle vibes, with a hint of modernism.

Besides their clothing line, Iron and Resin also have an impressive collection of handmade leather goods that are carefully crafted with quality materials and attention to detail.

What sets Iron and Resin apart from their competitors is their dedication to sustainability and environmentally-conscious practices. The brand uses organic and recycled materials to reduce their ecological footprint, and they also partner with local artisans to produce some of their products.

In conclusion, Iron and Resin is a brand that offers durable and stylish clothing products with a focus on sustainability, inspired by adventurous and motorcycle culture. You can check out their website and social media platforms to discover more about their fascinating products and their ethos.