Brand Focus - Edmmond Studios

Brand Focus - Edmmond Studios

Our take on Edmmond Studios.
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Edmmond Studios is a relatively new clothing brand that was launched in 2017. It is based in Spain and offers a line of contemporary casual wear for men. The label aims to strike a careful balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Edmmond Studios puts immense emphasis on quality whilst upholding socially responsible practices. They are committed to producing timeless pieces that are constructed from the highest quality materials. Their clothes are made to last, and the dedication to craftsmanship is apparent in every stitch.

One defining factor of the brand is their unique approach to the design process. The brand’s founder, Eduardo Escudero, is inspired by his travels and the cultures he has experienced. He seeks inspiration in non-fashion-related areas such as music, architecture, and art. He then incorporates these influences into his clothing designs, resulting in original pieces that stand out in a sea of generic fast fashion.

Pictured: Edmmond Studios Summer Water Colour Effect S/S Shirt

Another key feature of Edmmond Studios is their commitment to sustainability. The brand sources fabric from eco-friendly suppliers and uses recycled materials whenever possible. They also ensure that their manufacturing partners follow ethical and fair labor practices.

In addition to their focus on quality and sustainability, Edmmond Studios has endeavored to create a community around the brand. They organize events and collaborations with artists and other creatives, offering a platform for different voices to be heard.

Edmmond Studios has garnered attention and praise from public figures and influencers alike. They have been featured in prominent publications such as GQ, and their pieces have been worn by celebrities including Eric Koston and Eduard Torres.

In conclusion, Edmmond Studios is a clothing brand that has made significant strides in sustainability, craftsmanship, and community building in a relatively short time. Their approach to design, commitment to quality, and ethics, has set them apart from many other brands in an industry that is often accused of irresponsibility. As the brand continues to grow and expand, it certainly deserves recognition and admiration for its efforts.